Cómo afecta el calor a tus neumáticos

This summer is being especially hot, or at least that’s what we think every summer. But the truth is that we forget the previous one. Anyway, summer temperatures affect our health, but let’s not forget that it is also a problem for  our tires,   and that heat increases the risk of punctures and blowouts. Today we tell you why and how to prevent it.

Why heat affects tires

The tires of our vehicles suffer, since the heat of the pavement can reach up to ten degrees outside temperature. The wheels have to withstand these extreme conditions, especially if we drive on fast roads or rough roads.

In case the tires are at too low a pressure, the tread will heat up sooner, something that will shorten the life of them up to 15%, also causes an increase in fuel consumption of around 7%.

But this is not the only problem. At this time of year we run the risk of having blowouts or punctures due to the high temperatures to which our tires are exposed, even reaching high degradation.

How to prevent punctures and blowouts caused by heat

– Check the pressure every two weeks and check that it is the correct one indicated by the vehicle manufacturer. In this way, better performance and greater efficiency in braking and fuel consumption are achieved.

– Check the status, drawing and depth. It is advisable to replace the summer tires when they reach 2 mm of drawing.

– The inflation pressure must be checked when the tires are cold. Otherwise it will not be possible to obtain the actual pressure.

– You should not forget to check the pressure of the spare wheel from time to time, since you can take a surprise when you need it. In general, it is advisable that the spare wheel be inflated to 0.5 bar more pressure.

– It is very important that in case of having to replace the tires always be done by another equal to the one of its axis, identical in sculpture, dimensions, speed and load indexes.

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